History of Briosa Bakery

Located in the heart of downtown Coimbra, in Largo da Portagem, by the emblematic statue of Mata Frades (“Friar Killer”), Briosa Bakery, one of the oldest and most well-known of the city, serves traditional quality products since 1955.

We have been able to preserve the cultural and gastronomic heritage that the sweets of Coimbra present to the city, and we were acknowledged with the prize of the Confraria da Panela ao Lume (“the Brotherhood of the Pot on the Stove”), for being an excellent selling point of the traditional regional sweets. The fact that we are selling genuine products, as opposed to making products imitating the original was a great part of the reason why we won.

By keeping the recipes and traditions of production, Briosa Bakery invites you to come and enjoy a journey through ancestral flavours of our regional sweets and pastries.

Connection to the town

Briosa Bakery has always had a strong connection to the town and its academy life...

Travel in time and find out what Coimbra was like a few years ago and find out what activities the students of the Coimbra Student Union have in store.

Briosa in the ADOCC

Briosa Bakery is proud to be part of ADOCC – the Associated Producers of the Convent-made Sweets and Pastries of Coimbra – which intends to valorise, qualify, defend, promote and dignify the traditional, regional or conventual sweets, jams, marmalades, crystallized fruit and produce, ice creams and sorbets, bread, cakes, confeites, liquors and syrups, promoting “Coimbra” in any of its activities.

Coimbra Sweets are alive

Arrufadas de Coimbra, Manjar Branco and Santa Clara Pastry. They are sweet, but that doesn’t stop them from being healthy. Steps towards community certification are already being taken.

To encourage and to bring to life. Not letting what is traditional be forgotten. To protect and to safe-keep, all in all, to certify. The idea came to life a year ago, from the Coimbra city council, and Briosa Bakery in the heart of Largo da Portagem, accepted the challenge. With permission from management, a study entitled “Contribution for the qualification of the arrufada of Coimbra as a protected geographical indication – IGP” was made. The dissertation, by Orlanda Duarte, business manager of Briosa Bakery, was written as part of her Masters’ Degree in Food Engineering, thanks to a protocol between the Coimbra Higher Education School of Agriculture and the Coimbra City Council.

Sweets. For those worried about dieting, it’s a scary word. However, Orlanda Duarte assures us that the traditional sweets of Coimbra “are made the old way”. In sum, there are no colourings, preservatives or flavourings. And the saying “at Briosa Bakery traditional is still natural” makes perfect sense. Orlanda Duarte also adds “at our bakery we bet on traditional production and quality”.

in DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS | 26.10.2010